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My Voice Teen Girls Group

My Voice:  Empowerment for Girls

Who: Girl-identified adolescents ages 12-15 are welcome.

What: My Voice: Empowerment for Girls is a support group that will help adolescents discover their true selves while building confidence. My Voice will give girls the chance to relate to peers and form relationships while exploring topics that are relevant to young adolescents.

The therapist leading this group will use sections of the renowned curriculum, Voices: A Program of Self-Discovery and Empowerment for Girls, to guide discussion. Over the course of eight weeks, group members will explore topics such as communication styles, friendship, dating and sexuality, healthy relationships, body image, cyber safety and online identity, physical and emotional wellness, drugs and alcohol, and self esteem. All discussion content will be kept confidential.

Group members will learn and practice wellness interventions such as mindfulness, interaction with nature, movement, writing, and art. Specific activities and other topics for discussion will be determined based on the expressed interests of group members when the group begins.

When: This group is only offered in the summer. The next session of My Voice will take place on Thursdays from 4-5:30pm beginning June 15, 2023.

Where: This group will take place outdoors near the office or online in the event of inclement weather.

Why: My Voice will empower girls in finding their assertive sense of self and to combat experiences of bullying, negative self-image, and peer pressure. My Voice encourages healthy relationships, cultivates self-esteem, and builds wellness practices for its members.

How: To express interest in the group and learn more, please email our Client Care Coordinator at or call 763-913-8261 x2. A brief screening will be completed before registraon is complete.

Therapist: Andrea Schroeder, M.S., LPCC

Fees: The fee for this group is $40 per session, and sliding fee is available; please contact therapist to discuss your specific needs. Group fees include materials that will be shared via email or picked up at the office.

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