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Two separate groups will be held: One for girls, one for guys.

This is a therapy group for teens (ages 14 to 17) who want to figure out their own happiness. In the first week of this group, Roko Belic’s award-winning film titled “Happy” will be examined. The following five group sessions will include discussion and experiential (hands on) exercises about the main topics covered in this film: Community, Movement, Defining Success, Service, Gratitude, and Self-Awareness. To better understand these topics, group members will participate in laughter yoga (one session), a lovingkindness compassion exercise, a flow discussion, an exercise to more fully experience and appreciate nature, among other things. 

The goal of this group is for teens to better understand their developing identity as it is rooted in the concepts that are shown to make people happier. Teens are at a unique place where they are developing their identity and an understanding about how they will relate to the external world. The template they create as teens will help inform decisions they make as adults, which will greatly impact their level of happiness.  

This group will cost $50.00 per session (six groups as well as intake), which will include group time, materials and activities. Out-of-network insurance reimbursement may be available. Please talk with Megan about this during your teenager’s intake.

Who Can Participate?

Any adolescent between 14 and 17 years of age who does not currently have major depression. Teens with active drug and alcohol abuse issues, significant cognitive deficits or active psychosis are also not appropriate for this group.

How to Register 

Please see How To Register for Group Therapy.



How to Refer a Client

Please contact Megan by email ( or phone to discuss diagnostic criteria restrictions and to determine level of appropriateness of your client for this closed group. After referral is made, Megan will still need to complete a group intake with your client. 

Make a Referral

Please contact Megan by email (


About the Group

- (Dates TBD

- Ages 14 to 17

- 6 weekly sessions

- $50 per session & $50 for intake

- Snacks provided




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