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Play Therapy for ages birth to 12

Child Therapy in St. Paul Minnesota

We are currently on a waiting list in our Play Therapy program. Please contact Megan Sigmon-Olsen to get your child on our waiting list:

Children who are experiencing sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, and other issues can often benefit from counseling. The most natural way for therapists to engage with these kids is through play, because play is the language of the child. Play is how kids best relate with others, and also how kids best communicate at times.

Play therapy is generally scheduled one time per week, with each weekly session lasting 50 minutes in length. The child is allowed to play freely with a variety of materials (music, dance, sand tray, drawing, etc.) in order to communicate in their own, unique way. Older children may choose art or other types of play that are more age appropriate. The child’s play is not judged, which allows the child to communicate about emotions/thoughts, etc. that they cannot yet put into words.

Play Therapy can be used to treat:
-Social difficulties
-Divorcing parents
-Academic decline
-Nightmares/disturbed sleep
-Physical illness
-Sexual abuse
-Sibling tension/stress
-Many other life situations!